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The hamlet of Bădăcin is located in a wide sunny valley in central Transylvania. The savory fruits used for Pălincă de Bădăcin come directly from fertile orchards on the gently rolling hills of the Sălaj district.

The traditions of local village life and protection of the nature are taken seriously by the people of Bădăcin. Far away from the noise and dirt of large cities, Bădăcin is still unspoiled – from the cold spring water all the way to the wholesome fruits of its orchards. Because of their extensive experience in growing fruits and cultivating grapes, the local people can look forward to a good harvest year after year.

The people of Bădăcin are very hospitable and serve their guests chosen meals and beverages that are the result of their labor and experience. No festivity or meal is quite complete without their local fruit brandy.

Over time Valentin Vălcăuan became familiar with the traditional artisan craft of distilling fruit brandy. Throughout the years he has blended traditional techniques with modern processing methods to produce a fine, velvety-smooth and aromatic fruit brandy that is the pride of Bădăcin.

Pălincă de Bădăcin owes its success to the unique quality of the fruits, advanced production techniques and, most importantly, the traditional distilling process of the Vălcăuan family. When fully ripe, the fruits for the Pălincă de Bădăcin are picked by hand, pitted and fermented as a mash. This mixture is then slowly distilled in copper stills over wood fires.

The character, aroma and high quality of this brandy convinces us, that Pălincă  de Bădăcin could become a well known brand outside of Romania’s borders as well.
It has already gained the admiration of specialists by winning several medals at international competitions in Hungary.

Discover the exquisite quality of this fruit brandy for yourself – as an appetizer or a digestive to round out the last course of a good meal. It is a true pleasure to share among friends and family during those special moments in life.

We recommend drinking Pălincă de Bădăcin neat in the company of those you love.